694 Sporting GMK 50th Anniversary 31

Founded in 1971, this year GMK are celebrating having been in business for 50 years. To commemorate this occasion we have commissioned a range of unique 50th Anniversary models from our suppliers. The first of these to arrive in the UK is the Beretta 694 Sporting 50th Anniversary!

We are tremendously excited about this celebratory version of the 694, which will include several special features; most noticeably the 31″ barrels and tapered top rib. We have chosen 31″ barrels as they are an interesting compromise on the more traditional 30 and 32″ lengths. They will of course be Steelium Plus with HP extended chokes. The 10 x 8 mm tapered top rib also enjoys a central sighting chanel.

We expect these wonderful shotguns to be highly sought after and, as this is a one off production run, numbers are strictly limited. These shotguns are staring to arrive from late June onwards.

Summary of features:

– 31″ (79cm) ‘Steelium Plus’ barrels with HP extended chokes
– Tapered top rib (10x8mm) with central sighting channel
– 694 sporting stock (35/50mm drop)
– New shiny oil wood finish
– Special ‘GMK Anniversary’ certificate
– One off production
– 10 year warranty (when registered on GMK’s website within 30 days of purchase)


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