The Ultimate machine for simulated Game Shooting, ideal for up to 4 guns

  • Available in Hybird (see images)
  • 3 Super Sporter traps – 2 x STD oscillating side to side (linked), 1 x MIDI ABT/Wobble trap
  • 130m throwing distance
  • 630 clay capacity
  • Can throw up to 100 birds in 60 seconds
  • Flush radio included – with 20/40/60/80/100 bird flush sequences with speed options
    • Sporting mode with solo delay for non flush and solo use
    • Display screen on radio handset
  • Batteries included (UK Mainland only)
  • Charging system included
  • Custom built trailer (Hybird – option available).
  • 3 year warranty

With two front  – linked traps that oscillate side to side, and a rear full wobble midi trap which throws random and spontaneous targets, the Huntsman XP offers a natural flowing spread of birds over a huge area. With the use of the inbuilt flurries, you can simulate high driven pheasant, darting grouse, partridge, ducks – whatever bird you prefer. Used and recommended by discerning Game shooters, syndicates and Estates across the world, the Huntsman XP is the perfect machine for the serious game shooter.

Extend your season, make full use of the estate, train for the season ahead or train novice shooters, the Huntsman XP gives you total flexibility to practice or even  enhance estate revenue earning.

Included on the Huntsman XP is a high specification intelligent three stage battery charger system. At the end of a day’s shoot, just simply plug the charger into a wall socket and charge the batteries to their correct level, without the risk of overcharging.

Want to have the best simulated game birds available? Why not set up two or three Huntsman XP and invite up to 12 shooters to challenge what they have to offer. Furthermore you can control all the trailers using the Dual Game trailer radio (can control up to 3 trailers).


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